Earn from here if you want you can earn from here Students

Earn from here if you want you can earn from here Students

You can earn 1000 rupees, you all please like the video and I want to earn this money along with education. Depending on your comments, you will get money and see.




It is written here that by clicking on the name only 10 clicks can give you one mini You will have to wait for 10 minutes, then you will earn only 10 minutes, then you will go back and see.





You click here then click the icon then see here it is come I click on it then see the ad you can earn see you just need to see





If you don’t click in India then I won’t do it if you get a video on direct YouTube.




You have to watch the video and click on the back button again, then here I click here, then you have to do this with your fingers. Look, it’s very simple.





How many times you can earn money through this app then see here click here click here then see here you can then click on back button after seeing you




Then click another click on connect again after 5 seconds you click on play you can earn then you will see then see here you are click on your icon click on the icon





If you want to read more then you have to click on the refer icon and you have to earn from here if you want you can earn from here Students can earn I am now in the market



Now I will tell you how to withdraw your money from this app in just 15 seconds I will tell you the rule if you withdraw your money then you can withdraw your money in a short time.





If you want to know, please pay attention to the video, I am telling you to watch it, but you can earn money, but I will enter again. To withdraw money from the account, click on the menu icon, then click again.




Do see here you will be seen carefully when you click you can withdraw money through any means Bikash Bikash Rocket account is here.





Let me tell you welcome then look then for us you can extract and extract download then it says number here we have entered my account number then click on its egg button




Then you can withdraw your money and see here it says that when you send love requests you will get money in a short time then you will all be well thank you very much

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